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  1. Tadrous

    Metin2 Fix black window

    i will test the system thanks for sharing
  2. Tadrous

    Metin2 Achievement System

    thanks for sharing i will try in my server Nice system!
  3. Tadrous

    Metin2 Metin2 Weed Evolution System

    Thanks For sharing system , i will test in my server . The system full , bug , proplem ?
  4. Tadrous

    Metin2 RenderTarget for weapons, armors, pets, mounts...

    Thanks For Sharing This System , I will test in my server I hope is full
  5. Tadrous

    Metin2 Extend costumes time

    Thanks For Sharing System , the system is nice @ I will test the system in my server
  6. Tadrous

    Serverfiles WoletsMt2

    Thank you for sharing this file it's nice
  7. Tadrous

    Homepage Rohan2 (MORDOR) Wmcp Tema

    Thanks Man For Sharing The Script
  8. Tadrous

    Metin2 Aura System 19.4

    Thanks For Sharing The System I will try in my files and fixed bug if find
  9. Tadrous

    Discord rich presence

    Thank u , i hope is bugless system and thank u again
  10. Tadrous

    Metin2 Game Source[ Script ] v.1.0

    Thanks For sharing , i have been searched for it a long time and i finally found id
  11. Tadrous

    Metin2 Sheila login interface

    Nice Dude this is a nice design
  12. Tadrous

    Metin2 [3D] Ribbons

    Thank you this is a nice scarf will be usefull to pvm serveres T
  13. Tadrous

    8500 Ícons for server metin2

    Oooo ! 8500 thx for share thi icon I will try this
  14. Tadrous

    Metin2 Map 1 redesign for all empires

    This is a gorgeous map for the pvp servers Thank you for sharing i hope is good same as the image
  15. Tadrous

    Metin2 Split Inventory - Full fix

    Thx for the system friend
  16. Tadrous

    Metin2 Combat Zone System

    The System is bug Sill when login map and excite , Thanks For Sharing
  17. Tadrous

    Metin2 ShipDefense Dungeon

    The System Is Completed ? I will try The System
  18. Tadrous

    Metin2 Premium Effect

    Thanks Man The System Is Nice
  19. Tadrous

    Serverfiles Serverfile Phebia2

    the pics its very good i hope it bugless
  20. Tadrous

    Super system (PVP Killing System) [C++, Python]

    yes by you my friend and thank you for the comment :D