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  1. Sonia

    Serverfiles BestProduction V5 2019 now you see it?
  2. Sonia

    Serverfiles BestProduction V5 2019

    we have the support section if you have problems ...
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    Serverfiles BestProduction V5 2019

    Please read the rules ... you can't use other languages here.. just english or romanian :)
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    Metin2 System Mailbox (vegas)

    please ask for help in the support section not here .
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    Introduction Hello onforum community-Merhabalar

    Welcome on our community ! We don't tolerate short messages ... so please remember this when you want to post something .
  6. Sonia

    Facebook failed to warn users they were at risk of data breach

    Facebook has been accused of letting down its users after a significant data breach last year. The social media giant did not provide users with enough warning that their Facebook accounts could be compromised and their data stolen due to security flaws in its sign-on system, a new lawsuit has...
  7. Sonia

    Metin2 Chyba armors

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    Facebook’s group privacy settings actually make sense now

    Until today, Facebook has given you three options for creating a user group: Open, closed, or ‘secret.’ While the first is pretty obvious, the other two were occasional sources of confusion – an admin might set a group to ‘closed’ without realizing it was still searchable, for instance. Instead...
  9. Sonia

    Huawei is building its own Google Maps (and Yandex and are already on board)

    Huawei is gearing up to take on Google Maps. The Chinese giant is developing its own mapping service called Map Kit, state-owned outlet China Daily reports. There’s a catch, though: the service is not exactly meant for consumers. Instead, the idea is to give developers tools to build new...
  10. Sonia

    Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s lack of accessibility is turning us into muggles

    Here’s the good news: there is a Wizarding World after all. Hogwarts, hippogriffs, flying broomsticks, the Ministry of Magic, it’s all real! A most whimsical, freeing, empowering, and inspiring reality exists for wizards and witches, and it’s closely within reach, accessible with a flick of the...
  11. Sonia

    The iPhone 11 could launch September 10, according to an iOS 13 clue

    Shortly after Apple launched iOS developer beta 7 today, sleuths found some interesting tidbits potentially pertaining to the iPhone 11. Specifically, Brazillian site iHelp BR noticed the beta contains an image of the home screen with a calendar date set to Tuesday the 10th – presumably in...
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    Introduction Heyo all

    Welcome on our community Daniela! :giggle:
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    Metin2 Scorpion weapon set

    I don't understand why you criticize people who contribute on this community . You say that this is a old resource? And what is the problem? Why you don't contribute? You just want to take things ,I already saw what you do ,you make 10 replyes in 10 minutes ,take what you need and you come the...
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    Metin2 Werewolf pet

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    Metin2 Mutant fairy

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  16. Sonia

    Rank Tracker Enterprise 8.26.5 Cracked

    link updated