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  1. cejota1

    Quests /Python Loading messages

    dont work for me, and my syserr is empty :(
  2. cejota1

    Metin2 Extra slot system

    thanks for share!!
  3. cejota1

    Application Metin2 Binary source batch compiler

    okay, ty, this work
  4. cejota1

    Application Metin2 Binary source batch compiler

    what is it?
  5. cejota1

    Serverfiles Zeta Metin2 Server Files

    thanks for share!
  6. cejota1

    Application Metin2 Binary source batch compiler

    tested and approved, great work dude!
  7. cejota1

    Serverfiles EKDesign Server Files V.1.0.0

    thanks for share!!
  8. cejota1

    Serverfiles ServerFiles Serenity2 2018

    only serverfiles or does it include source too? btw thanks for share! *edit: source and binary included
  9. cejota1

    Metin2 Pet Effect

    thx for share!
  10. cejota1

    Tutorial Show effects and shimmer armor in the selection of characters

    Dont work *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  11. cejota1

    Metin2 Metin2 Weed Evolution System

    thanks for share, i'll test it
  12. cejota1

    Metin2 Python Vegas Calendar Event System (Event Detailed Information System Included)

    this system is not complete, it has already been posted by VegaS, but thanks for try
  13. cejota1

    Metin2 Ticket Sistem

    thanks for share dude!
  14. cejota1

    Metin2 Pack Opener Martysama

    already posted, but thanks
  15. cejota1

    Metin2 Marty 2017 Source & cliente

    thanks for share!
  16. cejota1


    thanks so much @topolino1958 nice share!!
  17. cejota1

    Metin2 ITEMSHOP

    Thanks for share, dude!

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