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  1. Introduction Introduce

    Firstname: Walle Age: 28 Location: Brazil Occupation: Assistent Favorite games: RDR2, Forza Horizon and most of the single player games Interests: Hardware, 3D environments, game development A description of you: Just a normal family guy that wants new opportunities to make progress into game...
  2. Introduction Hello, I'm Jan

    Hello, *Firstname: Jan *Age: 22 *Location: Czech republic *Occupation: Bussiness Favorite games: Metin2 *Interests: Programming *A description of you: I'm a person who is creating some good stuff in Metin2. *Where did you find about OnForum.net ? I found it on Google. Other specifications? No.
  3. Manias

    Introduction Introduce Manias

    Hello Onforum Firstname: Manias Age:29 Location: TURKEY Occupation: Making Servers Favorite games: Metin2, LoL, Civ6 Interests: Network marketing companies A description of you: I like creating metin2 servers Where did you find about OnForum.net ? Google Other specifications?

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