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Avius recruits


Hello everyone,

As the title says I am recruiting team member for an upcoming project.

The Project:

An old/middle-school server with content updates aka. Progress through content with a max level of 105.
4 Classes, No Pet System, No Pay 2 Win.
Our goal is a large market with many items that don't interfere with the gameplay.
The difficult should be medium so that long-term and early players should have fun.

We are in need of Developers, Team Manager, Technical Helper, Alpha/Beta-Tester, Promoter, Mapper, Quest writer/designer.

If you are serious and interested contact us via [email protected] with your application.

We do not want e-mails like:

Hello, I am developer xxx may I can join?

Please consider putting some effort into your application.

You'll get more informations after you got accepted.


We are still looking for more team member.

You can also contact me via Discord: Leaf#6634 (add me to Friends)