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Serverfiles Azura



Status of client files, games and databases:% 60.00 The

files have errors. Some were left intentionally. Develop systems in more detail.


The sliding of the character's name was corrected. Added "race_height.txt" in "root"
The current packages of Metin2 TR have been added to AzuraMetin2.
Passenger locker system added.
Tasks and codes added for the new passenger.
New tasks and necessary codes of Petlerin have been added.
New mob, npc and pet files have been added to the Data / Monster file.
Added new basic bonuses.
The HP bar element was added.
The Ochao temple was added.
AZURA_PROTO_UPDATE was updated. "Skill_Proto: Part, Attack_Bleeding commands added."
Meley added.
Battlefield added.
Additional damage to new riders.
Added talisman to the inventory.
added new effort.
Added ritual stone system.
Metin2 "TAB" goal added.
The monster hitting added to the account "sag".
Ok card eventi added.
Added settings for the Metin2 monster information.
Enchanting costume transfer system added.
The changing costume enthusiast system was added one by one with Tr.
Merchandise search system added in the markets.
Active pet effect added.
Added generation system.
Weapon costume system added.
7. and 8. added skill system.
Enchantment of magic resistance and added stones.
Merchandise duplication system added.
Pet system added.
Werewolf added.
The system of periodic weapons was added.
Updated Azura Proto update: (ANTIFLAG_REINFORCE, added ANTIFLAG_ENCHANT functions).
Updated Azura Proto Update: (Added ITEM_TYPE_GACHA functions)

The Won system was added.
Gaya system added.
"Level" codes of commercial level were added.
Cashmere package system added.
Added channel switching system.


"Item_Proto" and "Mob_Proto" were replaced with the TR one.
"Item_List.txt" and "Npc_List.txt" were replaced with the TR one.
The ".msm" files of the armor, hair and costume character were replaced with those of TR.
"Locale_Game.txt" and "Locale_Interface.txt" were replaced with the TR one.
Skill_proto, skill_table and skill_power have been replaced with TR.
The Locale / en / ui folder was deleted and the text2 was replaced with the TR one.
jobdesc and empiredesc .txt in locale / en were replaced by TR.
introduction "loading, creation, selection", emotion .py Changed to ki2 of Metin2 TR.

What is fixed

Fixed the problem of Ninja administrator invisibility.
The closing of the client was corrected due to a missing tree and the model error.
New tasks functions added. (The errors of the task have improved).
The challenge of configuring slot 80 in the market was solved.
Opening video of the game removed. (It will not work even if it is in Metin2.)
The system's blocking system errors were corrected.
The names of the articles and the names of mob and npc increased from 24 to 32.
An error was corrected that the inventory did not close.
The potions were raised when the level went up.
The update from Noah to Mijago 2.3 efsun boat has been added. Some additional codes have been added by me.
Some corrections have been made in open source code.
Built-in debug client construction.
AzuraMetin2 unnecessary packages have been removed.
Market time corrected.
The AZURA_PROTO_UPDATE element bonuses have been corrected.
Fixed a problem with the Devil's Tower that did not get a reward.
The problem of the passenger area originated in the battlefield was solved.
The closure of the channel was corrected when it was outside the battle area.
Ritual stone created by metin2 tr.
The active pet effect has been created for 4 inventories.
Fixed the system of reflection of the product and the system of generation of the game.
The belt absorption rate was corrected.
A problem of generational effect was corrected.
The talisman inventory problem was corrected.
While the weapons for the young heroes, the level problem was corrected.
Solved the problem of the article efsun for young heroes.
The problem of not opening in commerce due to the level was solved.
Fixed an item of okey card boxes.


Costum efsun replacements do not work.
For young heroes, they have problems with bile, the problem of bile.
Element icons do not appear in some mobs.
It does not combine 24 okey cards and creates an automatic set.
The Okey card option is outside the background text.
The belt does not show the straps correctly.
Continuous items shine when inventory or something changes.
gaya npcleri to be placed.
No melane search is active.
The werewolf is not receiving the double of the weapon.
The automatic av system does not start our products.
The foreign language must be translated on the battlefield locale_string.txt.
The pet system has an ITEM_PET problem.
Shaman's dragon roars away working.
Additional errors are available. I have not seen many files.
Download: http://www.azurabilisim.com/index.php?Azura=Dosya&dosya=15
Quick file configuration
Connect to Putty.
And enter the codes below.
It will be established without problems.
(Note: 1.) 2.) Do not copy the numbers as. )
(Do not forget to delete files you use in addition to beforehand.)

Game preparation
1.) fetch http://www.azurabilisim.com/file/metin2files/azura0004files/azura0004betagame.tar.gz

2.) tar -zxvf azura0004betagame.tar.gz -C / usr

Installation Mysq

1.) fetch http://www.azurabilisim.com/file/metin2files/azura0004files/azura0004betamysql.tar.gz

2.) tar -zxvf azura0004betamysql.tar.gz -C / var / db




Administrator user information [GM] Username: azura
Password: azura

Mysql (Navicat) user information
Mysql (Navicat) username: root
Mysql (Navicat) password: azura
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