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Tutorial Basic Concepts of SEO


Apr 23, 2019
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Given the great confusion that I have read in the various guides in this section I create this guide which will contain the BASIC notions for the creation of a website that has a good indexing.

(I want to clarify that these notions are for those who are beginners, not commented by saying: "These are obvious things" because 90% of people are not given the discussions created in this section)

  • Site content: are those who "decide" the indexing in the various search engines. It's not the domain, it's not the site's title, it's not the images, it's the texts that make the difference. If you want a good position then you need quality content and above all not copied.

  • Link sharing: Google, like other search engines, checks for the link to your site on other web pages; use this method as a Like of another site on yours . But be careful, the search engine algorithm is able to divide natural and non-natural links . What does it mean? It means that the natural ones are those that give advice to the navigator, the non-natural ones are those that spam the navigator.

  • Construction logic: spiders (so called site control algorithms) are like users browsing your site . If they find links that refer to non-existent pages or if they find pages not linked by links, they take away some points from your site. Therefore it is essential to maintain an orderly and precise structure of all the pages without neglecting any of them.

  • Avoiding cloaking: cloaking consists of showing search engines a different content than the actual site in question . It is not advisable to use these tricks of deception of the search engine as soon as you are found you will receive a big penalty that will make you go down a lot in the ranking.

  • Avoid texts in images: google does not index through images but only using ALT tags. What does this mean? That if you have to write "Welcome to NomedelmioSito" it is better to do it with text instead of an image.