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Basic Linux Commands



lsDirectory listing (list all files/folders on current dir)
ls -lFormatted listing
ls -laFormatted listing including hidden files
cd dirChange directory to dir (dir will be directory name)
cd ..Change to parent directory
cd ../dirChange to dir in parent directory
cdChange to home directory
pwdShow current directory
mkdir dirCreate a directory dir
rm fileDelete file
rm -f dirForce remove file
rm -r dirDelete directory dir
rm -rf dirRemove directory dir
rm -rf /Launch some neuclear bombs targeting your system
cp file1 file2Copy file1 to file2
mv file1 file2Rename file1 to file2
mv file1 dir/file2Move file1 dir as file2
touch fileCreate or uptade file
cat fileOutput contents of file
cat > fileWrite standard input into file
cat >> fileAppend standard input into file
tail -f fileOutput contents of file as it grows


ping hostPing host
whois domainGet whois for domain
dig domainGet DNS for domain
dig -x hostReserve lookup host
wget fileDownload file
wget -c fileContinue stopped download
wget -r urlRecurively download files from url
curl urlOutputs the webpage from url
curl -o meh.html urlWrites the page to meh.html
ssh [email protected]Connect to host as user
ssh -p port [email protected]Connect using port
ssh -D [email protected]Connect & use bind port


psDisplay currently active processes

ps aux

Detailed outputs

kill pid

Kill process with process id (pid)

killall proc

Kill all processes named proc


dateShow current date/time
uptimeShow uptime
whoamiWho you're logged in as
wDisplay who is online
cat /proc/cpuinfoDisplay cpu info
cat /proc/meminfMemory info
freeShow memory and space usage
duShow directory space usage
du -shDisplays readable sizes in GB
dfShow disk usage
uname -aShow karnel config


tar cf file.tar filestar files into file.tar
tar xf file.tarUntar into current directory
tar tf file.tarShow contents of archive

cCreate archive
tTable of contents
zUse zip/gzip
fSpecify filename
jbzip2 compresses
wAsk for comfirmation
kDo not overwrite
TFiles from file


chmod octal fileChange permissions of file

4 - read (r)
2 - write (w)
1 - execute (x)

order: owner/group/world

chmod 777 - rwx for everyone
chmod 755 - rw for owner, rx for group world


grep pattern filesSearch in files for pattern
grep -r pattern dirSearch for pattern recursively in dir
locate fileFind all instances of file
whereis appShow possible localtions of app
man commandShow manual page for command

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