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Jan 27, 2019

The reviewer , a bit like a youtuber who makes videos on youtube, is very simply a person who makes reviews; in this case regarding items purchased on amazon .
To be able to do this, however, one must be aware that, if done badly, the fun lasts very little, one is immediately bored and the magic ends.
It is indeed very important that the reviews are made in your own hand , are not copied, are not short and in a hurry; amazon does not forgive. Or rather, people don't forgive.
In fact, on amazon reviews are evaluated by users and there are only two votes: positive and negative .
Receiving negative votes, as you can well imagine, is not a good thing.

The public profile
The public profile is a very important point and we must do it well. To be able to see your current public profile, just go to this address (once logged into amazon): public profile .
It is your initial facade, inside we find:
  • Profile photo : it is important to put it and it is really recommended to put your own photo; give more credibility to your account and therefore to your reviews. But if you have a blog or something else with a logo, it's okay to put that too. The worst thing is not to put anything and immediately put photos at random.
  • Alias : it is your username that if you have not touched it will be the same as your first and last name. In this case you can change it as you like or leave your name.
  • Classic reviewer : show your position in the ranking among the reviewers
  • Positive votes : show how many positive votes you have received and the total.
  • Website : useful for those who have a site, a blog or other.
  • Who I am : this serves as a kind of small presentation of itself.
  • Interests : quite important, what you write does not limit you, it is not that you only review your interests, but it serves to those who view your profile to frame you a little.
I do not need to tell you that it is important to fill in all the fields; the more the profile is full, the more beautiful it is to see and to entice people (afterwards you will understand why).
It is also very important to have a high percentage of utility , therefore a high number of positive votes ; the higher you go up the rankings in fact, the more chance you have.

On the right hand side we will have a preview of all our reviews.

review The typical review is divided into 3 points, the rating, the actual review and the photos or videos.
  • Rating : goes from 1 to 5 stars without the possibility of putting half votes (or is 3 or is 4, not 3.5).
  • Title : a brief summary of your opinion.
  • Review : consists of a text of at least 20 words in which we will have to say our opinion on the object.
  • Photos and videos : you can upload photos and videos in addition to the review. This is a very important factor that allows to have the reviews much more visible than the others.
This is the crucial point, the reviews must be true , not necessarily long but not even two lines. It is very important to write as if you were writing a message to a friend. In fact, I've noticed that reviews by people who write a bit with their feet but say useful information are much more appreciated , compared to people who write poems in a perfect Italian that seems to be reviewing a painting by Picasso.

It is important not to describe the object , there are already a lot of reviews (safe) like " the item arrived on time, it's in plastic, with two USB inputs with two steel fans, etc. " which are not useful to anyone. We must instead say our opinion of the type " the article is in a plastic not very rigid (if I squeeze it a little strong it would break) while the fans are really very resistant and well fixed to the base, etc ".

It is therefore important to understand what people want to know , for example I happened to review phone lenses that had the function of improving photos. Almost all the reviews listed the types of lenses that were in the kit; the perfect review instead had to say how the lenses were in our opinion " this lens sucks, you don't see well for a cabbage, this is perfect the effect comes really well, with this instead you see the black edges because the lens is too small and you see the plastic edge, etc. "

This is really important, it makes the difference between receiving negative votes (they give them eh) and positive votes.

The review of a seller
These reviews are in my opinion less important, they concern more the shipping and we will have:
  • Rating : always knows 1 to 5 stars
  • The item arrived by the due date : to communicate any delays
  • The item corresponds to the description of the seller : to communicate any different products
  • Comment : if there are problems or comments to make, even positive ones. generally if there are no problems I write something like "Package arrived as expected without damage and well sealed".

Important rules
  1. Request only what you can pay. The vouchers last 48 hours and the seller awaits your purchase.
  2. Never leave a disclaimer warning you that you received the item at a discount or free of charge.
  3. Do not resell the products, you are banned from the site.
  4. It is not mandatory but it is recommended to write the review for both the product and the seller.
  5. Always contact the seller first in case of problems.
  6. It is strongly recommended to have Amazon Prime so as to reduce almost all shipments to zero and therefore have the possibility to review all AMZ Review Trader products.
  7. Use only one account per house.
  8. Buy the item individually. Vouchers often do not work because you buy on amazon plus products together.
  9. If an item is broken, defective or different from the one requested, contact the seller and do not leave negative feedback. Remember in fact that it is not said that the cause is the seller, it could be the courier or it could be broken in the loading (especially if the shipment is managed by amazon).

Vipon (formerly Amazon Review Trader)
Vipon is a site that allows amazon sellers to give away or apply strong discounts to their products in exchange for a review on that product. We will therefore have the opportunity to have numerous products for free and at the same time to increase our "reputation" as a reviewer.
Once you have registered and inserted our link to the profile page (to retrieve it just go to the following link and copy the url that is formed) you can immediately access the site.

AMZ.One Deals Club
AMZ.ONE Deals Club is a site identical to Vipon that also serves on and there are items available (much less than Vipon but still quite and growing!) I recommend everyone to try it.


Testzon is a service similar to Vipon that uses The graphics are very beautiful and even here, as in the previous Amazon Review Trader, there is experience. In fact, in order to review products that require an experience of 0, in addition to the product we will also gain EXP. This will allow us to review other products that require more experience to be able to request them.

Special features: you can buy boosts: one to receive products more easily, one to gain a faster experience.


BuView is a site visually different from Vipon. I have not been able to understand if it accepts, sure it will not be used very much. It is worthwhile, however, to test it as it is not specified.

Send Jump
Colossus of the sector. Jump Send has to be kept under control, at the moment it only works on but it is going to expand on and not only (he says). Let's check it then and hopefully arrive on!


Reviews4succes is not very big and needs to be tested. He also points to but on recording you can put "Altro" which gives hope.

What items to request
It is very important not to get carried away, do not immediately request millions of items at random, because when you find yourself doing the reviews, the desire passes and you wonder why you did it.

Mainly and especially at the beginning, request items that you can really use; the main free items (in addition to millions of tablets) are the covers for the phones: do not request at the beginning (but also in the future with regard to) covers that you cannot try and then take the picture because then the seller will plate you as a loser and no longer gives you anything. At the beginning I recommend you to ask for free products, but also ask for discounted products because it is easier for them to approve them at the beginning.

Of course, do your own reviews and possibly at least 250 characters long.
If an article that you can test (and therefore take photos) is free or costs a few cents but you are not interested, ask for it anyway so as to increase the number of reviews made and the possibility of having positive votes.
But keep in mind that the review must be done well anyway, so request a number of balanced products compared to the time you have to review it.

Blogs, sites and Facebook pages
To increase the number of approved objects and to increase the number of positive votes in reviews it is really useful to use not only amazon for the review. It is indeed recommended to create a blog ( see my), a site or a facebook page on which to copy reviews in order to increase the views of your reviews.

There are very comfortable plugins on WordPress with which you can simultaneously and automatically share an article written on the blog on all the social pages you have. Thanks to this fact I can only write once on the blog (where I can also see the number of written words) and automatically public on my facebook page, google + page and twitter and then copy the article on amazon.

If you had a blog, I also advise you to send, once you have approved an article, an email to the seller telling you that your reviews are also written in your blog (and linked to it), so the supplier is much more likely to approve other items as well.

Some sellers use the articles they send you to invite you to private clubs, run by them, to review their future articles so you don't have to take advantage of third-party sites that require lower payments. It is a great opportunity and if you get the chance take advantage of it right away because often they have really limited places (maximum 100-300 people) and becoming one of them would give you really big advantages.

YouTube and video reviews
Another really powerful factor that can be that extra horse that allows you to have so many more products is the reviews via video on youtube. It happened to me that a seller contacted me asking me if I was willing to do the review by video, giving me the opportunity to review many other products.

How to write a review
Below I will publish some "rules" to make good reviews; I will also write reviews of some of your products with corrections that I think are appropriate.
In red the errors , in blue my corrections , in green the very good parts .

The rules of the good reviewer
1) Don't make mistakes
2) Don't describe the product but write your own opinion (about a 4/5 opinion and 1/5 description at the most).
3) Do not use excessively positive words such as "indispensable", "perfect", "excellent", "fantastic", etc.

It is very important to understand that it is not a job you do in 5 minutes but takes a little time, so you have to have the desire to do it otherwise after the first products you stop.

For questions and clarifications I am at your complete disposal here in topic, do not write to me privately.
If you know other sites besides this please let me know so as to expand the guide.

The links to the site are without referral links (it does not exist).
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