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Serverfiles Best Production-Lycan Server Files - Gun Costume Attached - Alchemy, Girdle, Level Pet Attached


Recommended BSD Version: 9.2 and above
Recommended MySQL Version: 5.5

Files style: Labor (TR Type) (1 Start 120 Finish)



- Off-grid Offical system
-Free Offical Costum system
- Unrestricted Offical 6 CH support
-Free Offical Belt System
Off-Free DeviL's Catacombs
-Regular Offical Biologist Duties
Off-site Offical Events
- Offical Passenger Development System
- Off-line Offical Crafting System
-Regular Offical Ox Event System (with Ox Chat Engel System!)
- Off-Road Off-Road System 3
-Reasonable item in new inventory
- Smooth new trading system (WoN)
-Free New Approved HP / SP Display system
-Free New Approved Inventory Showout system
- New Duel Effect System
-Switch-free CH Replacement system
- Smooth Object to the Market (Rings)
- Unsurpassed passenger ring, Afk ring, anti-exp ring, irradiation ring
-Switch VS-Tournament System
- Smooth Okey Card System
-Frequent Admin Panel
Added Trade effecti
Added chat block in Ox
Purple and Green potion effect Added
Effect Added for All Passengers
Seamless Alchemy System
Added 5 characters to open in an account
Added 3 flags to see each other Added
Added the circle around the character each flag being in its own color
Seamless 5. Character Lycan
Official Won System
Seamless Official 4. Inventory Support
Seamless Official Alchemy Effect
Seamless Mount System
Official Seamless Item Locking System
Seamless Offiline Shop (Won Assisted)
Trouble-free Official 7-8 Skill System
Seamless Enchantment Boat
Official Costume Weapon
Seamless Official Belt System (Effect Active)
Seamless Official Scaleli Pet Level System
All The Costumes That Ended In TR
All Bosses / Passengers / Petler Attached to TR
All Items Completed in TR
Official 115 Level TR Type Armor Flare (Electric + Normal Glare)
Lycan All Hair Active
24 Pcs Official Hair For Other Characters Lycan
Official New Market System (Alchemy-Armor-Weapon)
Lycan Claw Defense Changed to Blade
Passing Through Market and Petler
Shop Max Wnum 100 / Included in Offline Shop
New 100 Lw Shoes Attached
Meleyin Peti and Bossu Attached (Active)

-Dice fixed
-War vulnerability fixed
-Lonca Exploit fixed
-Interal Ip fixed
-May license fixed
-Time Bob is fixed
-Quest getflag fixed
-Checkpoint fixed
-Sequence fixed
-Sql Openness fixed
Fix it off from ch-ox
-Login packet changed.
-Cube bug was fixed.
- Removed the requested time while reading a book.
- Using emotions without a mask is activated.
- Import / sell bug fixed.
-Shutdown problem fixed.
- Fixed item falling problem while cruel.
-Increased the trick with the lead.
-Adminpage function is disabled.
-Backport, P2P ports disabled.
-CH The "Hacktedected" function has been disabled.
-CH The "CHECKPOINT" function that causes a drop problem has been disabled.
-CH The "DICE" command that caused the drop problem was disabled.
-CH The "WAR" command that caused the fall problem was disabled.
-CMD gap fixed.
-6-7 Fixed the issue of not adding spells to the costume.
-Map allow limit increased from 32 to 255.
-Log sprutt fixed problem.
-CInputMain__Hack problem fixed.
-Exploit vulnerability fixed.
-Showtomoney function changed.
-Timebob and Ymir license removed.
-Kutsama Sphere fixed in NPC.
- The invisibility problem is fixed.
- The problem of not being able to attack the ankle has been fixed.
-2 Fixed issue where counting kill times.
- The problem of opening 200% of the data can be opened as 1000% fixed.
The problem of not getting an item to -0 Yang has been fixed.
-Influgging time reduced to 0s.
- The problem with CheckClientVersion has been fixed.
- Increased transportation limit (
When I read the top, all the problem of going to fix is fixed.
The problem in function -forked_war_warp_remove difference file has been fixed.
- It was activated to have a master in 15.
-Efit compression rate was 100%.
-Tanking rate was 100%.
The loss of the 3-second thrown to the place is activated.
- The online chat protocol has been activated.
Item reflection is activated without insight sphere.
-Syslog function has been disabled.
-Ptslog function disabled.
- Some MySQL log tables have been disabled.
-4 Inventory bugs with inventory fixed
-4 Fixed inventory of inventory
- Picking item from warehouse to belt inventory Fixed
- Fixed belt removal with item in item inventory
- Fixing the item to other item slots Fixed
- Fixed replacement of item when inventory is full
- 6/7 Enthusiasting Enthusiast
- HP drop to fix
-HP / SP Overflow problem Fixed
- Fixed Bugging
-Efsun bugu Fixed
-Yang bugu Fixed


Put the file BESTProductionSF-full-yedek.tar.gz in the FTP / directory

then login to PUTTY and enter the following codes

cd /

rm -rf game

tar zxvf BESTProductionSF-full-yedek.tar.gz

chmod -R 777 / usr / game

chmod -R 777 / var / db / mysql

Take the reboot then setup was completed smoothly

Opening the game

cd / usr / game
sh clear.sh
sh start.sh

Enter commands, the game will be activated seamlessly ...

Mysql Navicat Password: 1n2k7s3r9f + 1

GM ID: diesel
GM ID: bestpro01
GM ID: bestpro02
Password: 123exelans123


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