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BEST Production V5 Version [1-105 Lyceless / 1-120 Lycanlı] Server Files

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GCC version was upgraded
Source system list was revised unnecessary systems removed.
The Lycan character was completely removed from packals and sourceler.
1550568615057.pngSome maplara teleport to the client 's closing problem fixed.
Maps and MAP ALLOW have been reconfigured.
Some quests have been fixed.
Fixed open issue in costume bonus transfer replacements.
The opening time was improved when starting the game.
Added some missing code functions in the trade window.
Uitooltip.py has been revised.
Some redundant codes in the packs have been removed.
The game and system options have been reconfigured.
Skill Proto Revised / C ++
Some issues in the Python Shaman system have been edited.
Problems with the event system have been fixed.
I would like to include the ones I remember so far ...

1- Mob Scale system [You can enlarge the slot you want]
2- Ronark system
3- Zodiac sighting system
4- Boat control system
5- Scrambled Devil tower system
6 - Account locking system
6- Safe computer system / Client login and in-game
6- Automatic official event system
7- Fish puzzle system
7-Boss fighter system
8-in-game character as well as flag showing global chat / Empire Flag
9- Costume glare system [Karaca425]
10- Weapon plug effect system
11- Boss effect system
12- Fishing rod and digging effect system [+] effect varies like armor weapons]
13- + Push announcement announcement system
14- Official bonus show system
15- Horse racing system
16- Jail mode system
17- 9 Floor Zodiac System [from flashlight] 18-5
new map [map]
19- Improved new system and play options
20- Official guild gui
21- 2 new efsun boat
22- New emotion and dance styles
23- WS Tournament system


Freebsd managed to compress "db" and "game" source files using "FreeBSD-12.0-RELEASE-i386-dvd1"

Commands used in

cd / usr / ports / devel / gmake && make install clean
cd / usr / ports / devel / makedepend && make install clean
cd / usr / ports / devel / subversion && make install clean
cd / usr / ports / graphics / devil && make install clean
cd / usr / ports / lang / gcc49 & make install clean
pkg install boost-all /usr/include/



/ usr / include / boost

This allows you to seamlessly compress files.

If you installed gcc49 on your machine, use these commands and if the error still persists,

g ++ 49 not found

ln -s / usr / local / bin / gcc / usr / local / bin / gcc49
ln -s / usr / local / bin / g ++ / usr / local / bin / g ++ 49
Not open for further replies.

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