Brivium - Promethium v2.0.10 - XenForo 2 Style



Brivium today will represent to you a new style that we work together to get it done. This style was named after the name of Promethium - the lost element found in 1902. The name Promethium was also started from Promethius, a giant Titan who stole fire from the God Zeus to share it with people on Earth. Promethium Style was designed with the strong basic dark background. The control bar provides users with normal categories like Home, Media, and Resources. So from anywhere on the site, you could click and access the board functions easily. In the Media, you could access to tons of resources such as films, pictures and other photos, which allow the members and users of the forum to upload and adjust by themselves. The rational allocation of toolbars and well-structured design of the style help users to experience a stunning website with surfing smoothly. Overall, we encourage you to try this new style and give us feedback on your experiences. Any comment will help us to complete our product better.

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