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Serverfiles [Escelipse] - MAINLINE Infrastructure Files


Game Source Ve Db = MAİNLİNE
CLİENT SOURCE = 2013 Source

update Creations FIRST # 1

  • [C ++] at Skill Bug Fixl up
    4-5 Auto Pot Bug Fix inventory
    Tapping Block to market
    game.cor Bug Fix
    Src Stone Bug fix
    Sura Magic Sword bug fix
    Items worn by Efsun throwing bug Fix
    C ++] Anti Yang bug fix
    HP Spin play Fix
    HP - SP Absorme Bug Fix Surprise
    bugu Fix
    Loncadayken Kingdom change Fix
    Party Bug Fix
    At Level Bug Fix
    İtemSwap bug Fix
Update # 2

  • * costum bug fix src was done questi done *
    Lua esc Bug Fix
    Shop Grid Bug Fix
    Internal IP Fix
    Move Drop Hp Fix Fix
    Client Version Bug Fix
    guild exploit fix If
    Inventory Is Full Change
    Item Fix [C ++] Character Erase
    Some Skill Book Bugs Fix
    C ++ Sql Injection-Friend-Whisper-Guild
    Quest Instant Speed Fix
    Mine Bot Fix
    Armor Plug Remove
    Bugu Fix Serial Serial Item Blocking Blocking
    Passenger Serial Serial Blocking

Update # 3

  • Map Loading Dc Eating Fix / monsterload / itemi
    At the same time 2 people get rid of the game Fix
    [C ++] When the trade screen is open Quest Engell
    Dressed Warehouse Fix
    Wedding Dress Tuxed while wearing Tuxedos Costume Wear Blocking
    3% tax between the kingdom closed
    0 Yang item not received problem
    Kostume 6-7 efsun denied adding
    Dice commander's function removal Enchantment
    Time of Emigration Ensuring
    dancing without emotion
    War Crash
    Bugu Lifting the pots given when leveling
    Check Client Version Fixing
    Dungeon Core Fix
    Skiller 17 Master
    Inventory Inventory Bugs Fixed
Added Systems
-Boss Tab System V2
-Boss Security System
-F5 ephedla boat added
-Port-cost fast equipment system
-Incontinued inventory and won system added
-Times added seconds

Navicat And Gm Account
Navicat: root password: 1 GM Account: Escelipse password: 1


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