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Metin2 [EterPack Archiver] PackMakerLite


The PackMakerLite (PML) supports type0-1-2-3-4-5 (type4-5 only pack, not unpack).

As a summarize, the metin2 types are handled like this:
  • Type 0 - only storage (no encryption/compression; it can be read fully from the .epk)
  • Type 1 - compressed - lzo(file)
  • Type 2 - compressed and encrypted - xtea(lzo(file))
  • Type 3 - encrypted with Panama - you must save an .iv key server-side in the panama/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) The official used it only for patch2.
  • Type 4 - encrypted with a mix of ciphers (cshybridcrypt) - you must save a .dat key server-side in the package/ folder. (content readable only after auth phase) Practically all the metin2_patch files.
  • Type 5 - like type 4, but a server-side map/<map_name> is also provided. (content readable only after accessing the <map_name> map as a player) The official used it only for the catacomb data.

Its settings (xtea keys, extensions, pack types to use) can be changed inside PackMakerLite.json:

You can actually integrate the tool in the menu context (running the .reg files) for packing folders and unpacking .eix files.

Remove "--nolog" from the .bat files if you want to see the logs again.

You can install it by running as admin "install.bat".

In here all the available options for the PackMakerLite.json (globally) or simply <packname>.json (e.g. etc.json) for a specific pack:
    "log_name": "PackMakerLite",
    "cs_name": "",
    "force_filename_lowercase": true,
    "ignore_file_extension": ["bak", "db"],
    "default_pack_type": 0,
    "eter_pack_index_ext": ".eix",
    "eter_pack_data_ext": ".epk",
    "pack_type_by_list": [
        ["mss", 0],
        ["mse", 1],
        ["msf", 2],
        ["spt", 0],
        ["atr", 1],
        ["dds", 2],
        ["raw", 0],
        ["wtr", 1],
        ["mde", 2],
        ["tga", 0],
        ["txt", 1],
        ["msk", 2],
        ["msa", 0],
        ["msm", 1],
        ["py", 2]
    "eter_pack_index_key": [
    "eter_pack_data_key": [

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