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Get up to 25 EUR if you register to Monese



Is simple to make a Monese account and also free if you use the simple plan ,classic plan is €5.95/month and premium plan is €14.95/month .

You'll get :​
  • ✔︎ A European account number (IBAN)​
  • ✔︎ Fast and free SEPA transfers​
  • ✔︎ Instant Monese to Monese transfers​
  • ✔︎ Apple Pay & Google Pay support​
  • ✔︎ In-app card lock and unlock​
  • ✔︎ Easy-to-export statements​
  • ✔︎ High-end security​
  • ✔︎ Highly rated customer support from real humans​
  • ✔︎ The all-singing, all-dancing Monese app​
The credit card arrive in a week .

If you use my referral code ( just give me a private message and'll send you ) when you register to monese , for your first transaction you will receive about 10-15 eur bonus, course you can choose to make an account without my referral link but you won't get any bonus. Think about that , you can pay a domain or a webhost or buy things on ebay,aliexpress and so on .
Read more about monese here https://monese.com/eu/
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