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How to promote your site in the top 10 Yandex and Google


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50 techniques of SEO-promotion of simple sites. For small business. Actual for 2019. The site in the TOP-10 by 100+ keys for 3-6 months. Programs and services are attached.

This is a collection of 50 SEO promotion techniques relevant in 2019. He spent 14 months searching for them, checking and systematization. Why so much effort? My sites, based on the "old school SEO", are losing ground. Attendance is falling. And with it, the profit of the business that feeds the family. The only way out is to find SEO practitioners with good results and get to know their chips. This was the year. Everything that I found, tested and adopted - inside the video course.

What techniques of SEO promotion are shown in the video course?

I repeat once again: I am NOT the author of these techniques! This is the work of many people. My credit is that I gathered their experience in one place. In the end, it turned out, clear to the common man, the sequence of actions. What to do, where to click, where to register, where to put a comma. Total - 112 lessons (1-5 min.) One action - one lesson. It is convenient to use the course: both in the process of learning and later, in order to recall forgotten information.

Duration - 6.5 hours. Month spent on video editing. Thrice cleaned too much. Therefore, there is not a second "water" in the course. Study for a week. (There are courses of 100-300 hours. It sounds cool. However, (with all due respect to the authors) for a small business it is too long. A year will be spent only on listening and understanding. And when will you earn money?). The course describes 50 receptions.
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