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IPS Community Suite 4.3.6 NULLED


IPS Community Suite 4.3.6 NULLED - version 4.3.6 which is an update to maintain and fix problems reported from 4.3.5. Changes affected search, accounts, clubs, site maps and other functionality.

Core - Users and Accounts.
Added the ability to use the subscription status for bulk mail as a filter for group promotions.
Fixed profanity filters.
Correctly fixed next button.
Fixed filters when creating a mass mail or downloading a list of members not working in certain combinations.
Fixed the inability to manually set the member reputation value to less than 0.

Core - Search & Activity Streams:
Improved content indexing performance when using Elasticsearch.
Improved wording description of search results.
Fixed some Elasticity queries that do not work on very high traffic sites.
Fixed a bug where content that was restored after deletion could not be properly reindexed.
Fixed a problem with Elasticsearch, where content that was hidden or translated would not be properly reindexed.
Fixed filtering on specific elements when using Elasticsearch.
Streams do not behave correctly.

Core - Posting and Publishing:
Improved message when inline content is not available for reference.
Fixed incorrect rendering of emojis.
Fixed broken TED-games.

Core - Clubs:
Fixed a pagination of the list of club members who did not work.
Fixed some moderator permissions.
Fixed paid clubs can be created for $ 0.
Permission to create certain types of clubs.
Fixed a problem with the restructuring of the content that was not performed on custom fields for clubs.

Core - Sitemap
Fixed some elements not included in the sitemap.
The error of generating a site map with a zero number for the inclusion of elements has been fixed.
Fixed a site map that is not generated on some versions of PHP.

Core - Redis:
Added ability to use.
Fixed Internet users older than 30 minutes when using Redis.
Fixed uncaught exception that can occur when using Redis and cleaning caches.

Core - Miscellaneous
Added a warning on the AdminCP control panel and when editing the login handler, if Facebook is enabled, but https is not used. Also, the Facebook login process was changed to prevent new settings if the site does not use https.
Added the ability to use another Facebook application for social advertising (that is, the Facebook application is used to log in to the system) so that Facebook is not affected.
Registration is added at any time when the support tool is running.
Improved session handling performance.
Improved viewupdates task performance.
Improved queue task performance.
Fixed ads are shown before the start date.
Fixed bug when deleting a node.
Fixed copying some node settings in AdminCP that do not work.
Fixed tags of notes that do not work in bulk emails in URLs.
The attributes of the styles of the lost image in mass emails have been fixed.
Fixed an abbreviated AdminCP extension page that was not broken for very long values, disrupting the page layout.
The established restriction.
Corrected CSS and javascript files are not deleted when recompiling when upgrading or when launching the support tool.
Fixed false warnings from database scan when using MySQL 8 and in some other cases.
Fixed bug after changing cache settings or data storage in some PHP configurations.
Fixed the parameter link for allowed characters in user names (which are displayed when configuring certain login handlers), without highlighting the settings.
Fixed possible error when creating English by default when running the tool support.
AdminCP fixed control panel.
Browsers fixed.
Fixed JSON-LD data for ratings in multiple applications.
Fixed some widgets.
A possible technical error message showing a very low level error (for example, a database server offline) has been fixed in certain circumstances.
Fixed the absence of a warning when the hooks. Php file was not available for writing before installing and updating applications and plugins.
Fixed problem when using profiles and specific forum topics.
Fixed uncaught exception if you go to a specific URL to try to push something that cannot be promoted.
Fixed unnecessary redirection during the application update process.
Fixed some minor language line mismatches.
Removed logging of notifications that have already been restored.
Make sure that https is used before Facebook will be used as a login handler.
Fixes problems with reading / writing with uncovered.

Fixed moderator permissions for messages.
Fixed a bug where moving archived topics from one forum to another did not update the forum counters.
Fixed a bug where the publication of a hidden message causes the forum to indicate a message awaiting confirmation.

Added option when returning a transaction that was paid for with a PayPal payment agreement to also cancel the Billing Agreement.
Added support for PayPal AUD, CZK, DKK, HKD, ILS, MXN, NZD, NOK, PHP, PLN, RUB, SGD, SEK, SEK, CHF and THB cards.
Fixed automatic recurring payments for subscriptions, not re-subscriptions.
Fixed subscription updates / downgrades are generally not available for plans that are set only for payment by specific gateways or whose base price is changed by the selected renewal period.
Fixed bugs in the member history when updating a subscription.
Fixed a missing tax when resuming a purchase.
Fixed inability to remove product discounts.
Fixed incoming emails saved as empty replies.
Fixed incoming email from certain email address formats, including emails using new domain extensions.
Fixed link to print invoice, which is sent by e-mail, not working for guests.
Corrected missing lines of language in the letter, in which the user notified that their request for support will be automatically marked.
Fixed incorrect referral banner URL shown to users.
Fixed broken referrer tab in AdminCP client profile.
Fixed broken images when viewing the purchase of advertising in the AdminCP.
Fixed ad purchases created by creating an invoice in AdminCP.
Fixed possible text overflow when viewing the delivery order in AdminCP.
Fixed support requests that did not show the designated employee in the preview.
Fixed a BBCode button and editor that allows you to split content into multiple pages.
Fixed incorrect sorting of database fields.
Fixed search permissions when changing the settings “User can see posts posted by other users” for the database.
Fixed a bug when editing a comment that was synchronized with a topic that was hidden.
Fixed numeric database fields that use a value greater than 2 decimal places.
Fixed a bug where using a custom authentication field with a unique field would mean that a unique check is skipped.

Fixed broken redirection after deleting an album and moving images in it to a category.
Fixed a broken form of promoting images in the album.
Fixed a missing watermark when a file was inserted using the Insert Other Media feature.

Fixed screenshots that were imported from a URL that is not in the inserts.

Fixed a photo of the blog cover used when sharing posts on social networks, even if the post has its own photo of the function.
Fixed broken blog.
The link to the latest blog entry inside the embedded blog has been fixed.

Fixed photo offset, not copied when copying events.
Fixed a place that does not persist at boot.

REST & OAuth
Fixed OAuth settings that update update tokens more often than necessary.
OAuth settings not supporting implicit grants fixed.

Added support for redirecting direct mail links to Vanilla.
Improved conversion performance.
Improved description of the minimum version for vBulletin 3 conversions.
Fixed a bug with login after conversion.
Fixed extraneous breaks in the content converted from vBulletin.
Fixed personal conversations with Vanilla.
Fixed gallery albums that were converted without the default sorting option.
Fixed problem with converting Calendar Event attachments.
Fixed a problem where the contents of the code may be damaged after converting from phpBB.
Fixed vBulletin 3 redirect no longer works if you converted before upgrading to 4.x.

Added UConverter support for UTF-8 converter for sites with mixed character sets.
Fixed problem when ad widgets were not removed when upgrading to 4.3.
Fixed possible SQL error when updating the calendar with 3.x.
Fixed how sharedmedia BBCode is converted to intros for Gallery albums when upgrading from 3.x.
Fixed a bug where converting to UTF-8 prior to updating may cause an error in some situations.
Gallery site map is fixed, showing wrong date for images updated from 3.x.
Third Party / Developer / Designer Mode
A fixed album is inserted in developer mode.
Fixed errors when configuring site map configuration preferences when using developer mode

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