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Serverfiles Metin2 Guide Starter pack File 40k + Client Ita and En


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These files were not created by me but the base belong to several authors who have released the various corrections over time but have been tested by the undersigned with minor changes so I will pass the download links. I do not take responsibility for what you do with these files. I believe that in a community you have to help each other, I have nothing against those who charge file servers or something else because they work hard to create them, but I'll get rid of them free.

These files include
- Warning Fix
- 4 Races
- Max Level 105
- Alchemy
- Dungeon up the catacombs
- Local De (You can easily replace it by following the guides on the forum)

These files do not include
-Offline Offline
-Pet system
- Other new things.

In my opinion, to start is excellent. Inside you will find

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Thanks, got the server working, the only downside is maybe the format the database is given, sql backups would have been nicer!


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i try opera and still doesnt work