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[Mobile] King of Pyramide Thieves - full Source (Unity 5.5)

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The goal is to steal gold from the Egyptian Pharaoh to become a king of thief. By pass all traps to reach the golden chest.
Play through over 90 levels to explore new lands and unlock new secret characters

- Over 90 levels
- Many lands with different nature, background and sound tracks.
- Survive from a ton of traps
- Crazy hard
- Secret characters

Code feature:

- Cross promotion
- In-app purchase for both Google Play and App Store
- Admob banner and interstitial
- Google Analytics for both Android and iOS
- Share screenshot on Facebook and other site
- Level editor tool works on both PC and your phone. That means you can create a new level anywhere, the level data will send to a specific email of your choice.


Not open for further replies.
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