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MU Server Season 5.5 Full (PerfectZone Server Files) (Beta)


Development environment:
- Windows 8.1
- SQL Server 2008 Express
- Visual studio 2012 (MSVC 2012)

- 2 GB of ram
- Decent processor
- Windows 7 or newer (Can be tested on uggly old XP)
- Visual C++ (Here)
- A brain?

Server features:
  • Full season 5.5 support;
  • 512 items support;
  • 500 or 1000 slots per GS;
  • New GameServer Interface;
  • GameServer RAM usage is 25~30mb on normal load (A lot faster, you can disable optmize in GameServer.ini)
  • Custom wings, command settings, jewels and monster support;
  • Easy configuration files;
  • Custom commands;
  • Reconnect support;
  • LUA script (in the very near future);
  • Infinite VIP plans (A new VIP system);
  • Custom reset system to VIP Plans;
  • Multi-warehouse system (In GameServer and client side);
  • Automatic notice system;
  • 32K and 65K points support (With enable/disable key);
  • Socket system 100% working (With items till season 8.3);
  • Re-design of important things on server and made some ruge optmizations on server core;
  • A lot more that i forgot;
  • No back doors and other shits, since it is free;
  • Future suggestions are welcome;

Client features:
  • Custom items support;
  • Custom wings support (With item and wings effect system);
  • 3D camera;
  • Encrypted config system;
  • Visual fixes for damage, HP, mana, SD, BP and many other functions in character;
  • Fixes like multi client, CTRL key fix with multiple windows, charset and siege skills support;
  • Click mod on pass mouse at map position display;
  • Custom interface for start 3D camera and open options;
  • Custom monster life bar with level and name display;
  • Item glow system;
  • Custom socket item support;
  • Custom bows and crossbows with reload arrows, skills and position fix support (Yes custom bows fully working!);
  • Custom jewels at client side support (Need to be implemented custom items for work;
  • Custom item text description to make events or something else;
  • Custom smoke effect on items;
  • Custom map support (Not implemented yet, since i need new maps to put on server);
  • Full map screen (TAB native) and minimap (SHIFT) key;
  • NPC Skin support (Need to add config);
  • Multi warehouse with interface buttons when open vault;
  • Reconnect system fully working;
  • Animate character on click inside on select character screen;
  • Agility fix for 32K and 65K;
  • Battle zones for gen system working;
  • Future and SANE suggestions are welcome too;

MU Server
Full Client

  1. Install SQL Server first of all!;
  2. Download Server Files;
  3. Download client and patch;
  4. Open Tools folder;
  5. Run ODBC x86 and x64 ;
  6. Run MuOnline.SQL script, login into SQL server and press F5 (Run script);
  7. Generate client settings files double clicking on Encode tool (And put at Data/Custom folder into client files);
  8. Run server with startup!


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