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Serverfiles Muezzin Files Version V2.0


Infrastructure Link
Infrastructure completely Changed
5 Inventory Eknl was all Problems Fixl was
Grany Version Withdraws from 2.9 to 2.4
1 -1 Reign Type Dragon Peti Added
Lead Guild General System Added Srcden Max Level 250 Taken [Adjusted Know]
6 Stone System Added All Problems Fixed
Saltanat 1-1 Armor Added Logo Without Logo Logo
Changed Map
Seamlessly 4 Ch
Max Item Number of Nests 5000 Done [I Have Added Trade System In This Package I Have Added to Your System. Fix All Problems]
+20 weapons Added [1-1 Characteristics by the Sultanate was Settings]
+20 helmet Added [+ push, as was Settings]
+20 Armor Added
shaman +20 Asa Salatanatl 1-1 simulated was
Nije +20 Sagittarius Salatanatl 1-1 were simulated
+ Push Plugin Added
Youtube Costume Added
Date Type Added Date Day
Taskbara Fixed Npc's to Villages
1. Island Sand Ditch Opened in Village
Hp -32'K or Falling Fixed Rule
Type Village View Added.
Kingdom Islands Replaced
Approved Trading System Added
Skaybox Pack Added
Air Filtering Added
Inventory Package System Added
Evolutionary Pet System Added
Ayyıldız Looking Mouse Cursor Added
Inventory Added Small Menu Added In-
Inventory Packing System Added
Quick Equipment Added
Youtube Costume Added
Character Interface System Added [On / Off ]
PetGui, Interface, Entering Group Partition Problem Solved
New Login Screen Added
Guild Leader Guild Genral System Tinted
Pearl Pack Vs. Packed in packets to be used Addition of Quests Edited
Character Main Outfits Changed
Most Armor Glare Effect Issued



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