[Release] EvilGunZ Source/Server/Client Files


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- Custom loading screen
- Custom character creation (Create Warlock / Hunter / Titan)
- Fully Custom lobby
- Unique drop system that seriously took a long time to finish... (Still not 100%)
- 3 drop tables (Exotic = Yellow / Rare = Blue / Commons = Green)
- Custom quests
- Unique Nightfall questing system
- Normal NPCs = Common only- Normal Elite NPCs = Common / Rares- Normal Boss = Exotics Only (NO Destiny weapons)- NightFall Boss = Exotics Only (Includes Destiny weapons)
- AUTOMATIC server switch (FOR NIGHTFALL), so basically, setup a scheduled TASK in windows to close the BAT file and OPEN the other BAT file. I'm not going to help you on this as it's very self explanatory. It's so that nightfall 1 is finished for the week and nightfall 2 starts.
- Scrider included and working
- Complelely redone ZITEM, removed all the crap
- Featured Shop interface
- Custom quest complete finish screen
- Custom Game Finish screen
- Hit marker when shooting enemies
- NO shitty room tags
- HP/AP automatically increases
- Automatic EVILTREASURE system, again, use windows task schedule to schedule the BAT file to run the script.
- Colour co-ordinated weapons and items in game (Icons represent the Rare/Common/Exotic) state.
- Loot guide in lobby
- Forced use of Launcher updating
- Custom encryption (Will include the decompiler)
- Custom maps

So much more.
Please do NOT upload this to any other site.
Also, I am NOT including the database, if you know what you're doing, then you should be fine.
Make sure you have LogDB so that the EvilTreasure can work.

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Client/Server Files Download:
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