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Mu Online [Release] Launcher Software RG + Update works in Hosting + Custom


Characteristics of the launcher

- Update using http. HOT

- Check through CRC. HOT

-Remember User Login. HOT

-Anti Lag It allows to activate and deactivate anti lag for any version of mu. HOT

- Online support directly to the server's administrative email. HOT

- Animated menu. HOT

- WEB and FORO configuration from the launcher

-Promotions as a store. HOT Limited to 4 item by category

- News html or php config from the folder Config / Noticia.ini

- Open launcher only once

ADD View latency within the game "Check if you have lag before entering the MU "Add Process Kill to launcher apply your update add sound INTRO add sound to the play buttonAdd screen take a photo that is saved in screen add color change of the launcher from folder colour "Take into account that reads colors in code example: #D63D5C "ADD changes made to options "says the change you made "
ADD System entry to the panel using a key that is encrypted MD5
Fix execution on operating systems
ADD Main Process You can modify example Mu. exe

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