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Mu Online [Release] LST MuServer Files S12-2 (No Key)


1, the basic points of the characters are 11, 12, 13, upgrade experience: 50, master exp 100

2, the fire wolf beast please put the character first backpack inside.

3, the pet egg purchased by the store, press the point in the upper left corner of the game, the Tauren icon,

After the pet egg is used, press the Y button to query the pet.

4, one turn, two turn, three turn, please wait until the level is enough to go; go to the wolf soul, take the forest 1 and go up.

Four-turn NPC is near the mainland pool, talk to her, enter the map to kill her, and complete four turns.

5, the entire map drops all items, individual BOSS drop the treasure chest, please experience in the game.

6, other specific introduction, please press the F1 button in the game to view.

7, add a command: / plus strength / add agility / add physical strength / add intelligence / increase rate,
Washing order: / wash points / wash master (can also eat fruit), / wash red,
Advertising: / Advertising
Participate in the Jedi survival game: / join Jedi survival event

8. Most of the skills are sold at the NPC of the Elbeland map Girl. Some skills can be learned first, but they must be used after the attributes or levels are sufficient (the props are also the same).

9, the establishment of the role level: 0 level swordsman, archer, mage, level 1 summon, 220 level sword, 250 level guide, 150 level combat, 200 level female knight

Note: If you need to modify the game resolution, please open the LauncherOption.if with Notepad and set the number of the first line to 0~6.
Set 0, the game resolution is 800x600, 1 is 1024x768, and the higher the resolution, the higher the resolution.
Generally choose 3 or 5, the second line number 1 means the game is window mode, change to 0 to full screen.



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