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SecurityCheck Pro v3.1.7 - Joomla site protection



SecurityCheck Pro is a unique plugin for CMS Joomla, which includes all the basic ways to protect the site. You do not have to download dozens of different plug-ins, in order to ensure proper protection of your files, content and clients, all modern methods of protection are already included in SecurityCheck Pro.

Info: https://securitycheck.protegetuordenador.com/ SecurityCheck Pro functionality: [*] Blacklist (with the ability to block by IP ranges) [*] Whitelist (with the ability to block by IP ranges) [*] Dynamic blacklist [* ] Event log that can be viewed by the administrator in the control panel of the site [*] Alert mode or strict automatic mode

[*] Redirecting to a given page, or blocking the connection for detected attacks
[*] An additional level of protection on which suspicious words are searched.
[*] Base64 check
[*] Email notifications
[*] Exception filter with possibility to select priorities
[*] Protection of user sessions
[*] Log export to csv-format

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