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The Photo Lab



The Photo Lab
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 2 Hours | 886 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English

My 5-step system to setting up a photography business so you can work less-and live more.

Charge more and get hired for it, even with numerous photographers in your area charging much less.

My 5-step system to setting up a photography business so you can work less-and live more.
Imagine What if You Could:
Charge more and get hired for it, even with numerous photographers in your area charging much less.
Get a bridge from your fears to being able to say "I can do this!" complete with office fist-pumps when no one's around.
Have an A-Z blueprint in alllll things CEO so that you can get back to the art of it (because no one ever told you being an entrepreneur was THIS hard and confusing).
Be picky in the client work you take on-buh-bye, corporate headshot sessions you don't even like.
Build a sustainable and thriving business with a brand centered on Y-O-U.
What if you could.

Because in an ideal world, you'd seal the deal with those clients who don't even bat a mascara-coated eyelash at your pricing guide PDF-and they'd find you over Instagram (how very 2018 of you). You'd put the car in reverse at your next wedding with tears in your eyes because you love serving your clients and your photography dream job so.stinking.much.
But record scratch-that's not happening quite yet.
If anything, the inquiries (when they do come in) fall more under the, ahem, friends-and-family category, and most days, you take any photography job that's asked of you-for pretty much any price they ask you for.
It's not that you're not grateful for the chances you've had to get paid for what you love . something's just drilling at you: If you could just hack a system to completely transform your online presence, client experience and branding, you'd be in business (literally).
It's easy to feel like we need to figure it all out on our own. That's what I used to do, and it was the loneliest, most ineffective thing I've ever done..




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