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Music VA - Best Sound Of Chill & Lounge 2019 (33 Chillout Downbeat Songs With Ibiza Mallorca Feeling)



Artist: Best Sound of Chill & Lounge 2019
Title: 33 Chillout Downbeat Songs with Ibiza Mallorca Feeling
Label: Freebeat Music Records
Style: Lounge, Relax, Ambient, Lo-Fi, Downtempo
Release Date: 03-05-2019
Format: CD, Compilation
Quality: 320 Kbps/Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Codec: MP3
Tracks: 33 Tracks
Time: 02:27:40 Min
Size: 344 MB

01. Audiozoom - Open End (Deep Jazzy Electro Cut) 5:17
02. Bernon - Electro Jazz (Cool Groove Mix) 5:03
03. Jean Mare - For You (I Do What It Takes Lo-Fi Chill Mix) 2:52
04. Ciyou - A Mirrow (Chilltronic Lounge Mix) 3:25
05. Soundset City - Harmonic Movements (Old School Lounge Mix) 3:49
06. Jazzy System - Sunday 3am 3:30
07. Audiozoom - City Islands (Jazzy Young Groove Mix) 4:41
08. Beatwork - Blue Sunset (Chillwave Mix) 6:17
09. Pulsatronic - Modern Clubhouse (Deep Chillhouse Voices Mix) 3:53
10. Bernon - Deeper (Chillhouse Cut) 4:24
11. Aqualuna - New Love (Spheric Chillout Mix) 4:44
12. Artenovum - Innocence (Mystic Voices World Mix) 4:43
13. Jean Mare - Breath Of Dawn (Atmosphere Voice Mix) 4:34
14. Buddhatronic - Performance Modus (Deep Soundscape Mix) 4:40
15. For Found Future - Lights Of Dawn (Ray Of Hope Mix) 5:08
16. Artenovum - Hym Of Mystic Treasures (Audition Of Sounds Mix) 4:24
17. Jean Mare - Secret World (Mode X Chillout Mix) 5:25
18. Rrichard Bonnée - Electronic Dream Flight (Cool Groove Soundscape Mix) 5:01
19. Nightzoom - Abstract Fragments (Lounge Mix) 4:11
20. Soundset City - Shining Star (Smooth Vocal Lounge Mix) 3:28
21. Nightbar Jazz - Stay Tuned (Lo-Fi Lounge Mix) 4:13
22. Nightview - Night Lounge Corner (Sexy Chillhop Mix) 4:31
23. Soundset City - I Don't Know What To Do (Vocal Melody Cut) 3:42
24. Bernon - Short Harmony (Nu Jazz Lounge Mix) 4:56
25. Ciyou - Old And New (Lo-Fi Chill Cut) 4:50
26. Nightzoom - Loungebreak (Retro Lounge Mix) 3:49
27. Jazzy System - Temporary Condition (Lo-Fi Chillhop Mix) 4:35
28. Francois Dupont - Otherwise (Downtempo Lounge Mix) 4:18
29. The Space Ensemble Project - Missing Control (Future Sound Mix) 5:02
30. Sunscapes Project - Flowers From Mars (To The Sky And Back Mix) 3:39
31. Artenovum - Voyage (Enigmatic Spirit Mix) 5:04
32. Guardians Of Secret - Endless Movements (Alchemy Mix) 5:06
33. Artenovum - Sunshaker (Soundscape Del Mar Mix) 4:25





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