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Very large project in its final phase look for translators.

Hello everyone,

Because of we are finishing the development from our server, after almost a year and a half of development, we need to translate some concrete texts to more languages.

As more languages we have, more comfortable will be for users, so I am looking for people with a good level in the following languages:

- Polish

- German

- Turkish

- Portuguese

- Czech

- Hungarian

- Italian

We currently have three languages: spanish, english and romanian.

We negotiate privately the rewards that we give, but don't worry, everybody deserve a fair and dignified reward for his time, we don't want that you work for free.

If you think that you could be interested, we will be delighted to recieve an email from you.

Our email is [email protected].

Just ask us if you have any question related with this. It's so satisfying to work with somebody with a mutual cooperation.

Greetings and have a nice day!