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  1. kaitokit1412

    Introduction Hello my brothers and sisters :*

    Firstname: My Name Is Kaito Age: Im 24 Years Old Location: Im From Germany Occupation: Im A Caregiver Favorite games: Metin2,Rust,CoD,Hearthstone,Pokemon,Yugioh,and a lot of other Games Interests: I Like Information Technology A description of you: Im Funny And To o Nice For This Worl;D Where...
  2. Introduction Hello world

    Firstname: Tiger Zhang Age: 35 Location: China Occupation: Worker Favorite games: Metin2 Interests: c++ java python php mysql A description of you: i like metin2 Where did you find about OnForum.net ? i saw a post from invision-virus Other specifications? learn IPS board
  3. Xelo

    Introduction Xelo says Hello

    Hello there! *Firstname: Dennis *Age: 24 *Location: Germany *Occupation: IT-Technical Favorite games: Metin2 *Interests: C++, Python, Lua, PS CS6 *A description of you: I am a very lazy boy, that need to code some shit on forum.. :D *Where did you find about OnForum.net ?: I found these site on...
  4. Introduction Hello I'm news

    *Firstname: Yunus Bey *Age: 19 *Location: Turkiye kayseri *Occupation: Game developer Favorite games: Metin2 , cs 1.6 , lol *Interests: play a game, to chat , to desing *A description of you: funny, playful but serious when the time comes *Where did you find about OnForum.net ? Google, discord...
  5. sainthyena

    Introduction Hello Guys

    Firstname: Abdullah Age:24 Location:Turkey Occupation:civil avation and cabin service Favorite games:League of legends and metin2 Interests:music game build and ps A description of you: Funnyyy Where did you find about OnForum.net ? Google
  6. Corvis

    Introduction Hello Community

    Firstname: Tolgahan Age: 26 Location: Turkey in İzmir Occupation: Webmaster Favorite games: Metin2, Travian, COD Series, GTA Series, Interests: Game, Music A description of you: I am someone who shares and likes to share Where did you find about OnForum.net ? Google Search Other specifications...
  7. VqLx

    Introduction Hello!

    Firstname: Sebastian (VqLx) Age: 20 Location: Poland Occupation: Cook Favorite games: Metin2/Counter Strike GO/League of Legends/GTA V Interests: Sport/Good Girls :D A description of you: I am just starting the adventure connected with gaming servers, I will not let it go so fast, besides...

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