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  1. overk1ll

    Introduction Hello

    *Firstname: Juan Diego Guzman *Age: 27 *Location: Colombia *Occupation: Developer C# .Net Favorite games: Halo , Gear , Metin2 *Interests: I want to learn more about metin2 at a programming level *A description of you: I am a passionate person, with the subject of programming, I like to be...
  2. Introduction Introduction

    *Firstname: Derek *Age: 29 *Location: Canada *Occupation: delivery driver Favorite games: metin2 , lol *Interests: watching movies, playing games, football *A description of you: my wish is to have my own metin2 server *Where did you find about OnForum.net ? internet search google Other...
  3. batatinha123

    Introduction Hi, I'm Juliano

    Firstname: Juliano Age: 23 years Location: Goiânia-GO > Brazil Occupation: Developer Favorite games: MTA, DayZ, GTA V, LoL, Valorant, Ets 2, Legend Online, Minecraft, Point Blank Interests: DayZ, GTA V, PointBlank, Legend Online, Music, Developer's, Read A description of you: I'm new to this...
  4. Lunna

    Introduction Introduction ;3

    Prenume: Corina Varsta: 20 Locatia: Romania Ocupatie: studenta Jocul(rile) preferat(e): metin2, genshin impact, league of legends Interese: idk O descriere despre tine: vreau sa fiu gfx ;3 De unde ai aflat de OnForum.net? google :) Alte precizari? nup

    Introduction Introducing myself

    *Firstname: Austin *Age: 27 *Location: Argentina *Occupation: CS student Favorite games: UMK3, Skyrim *Interests: girls lol *A description of you: just another member who tries to use the forums. *Where did you find about OnForum.net ? I found it randomly on the internet searching for a Metin2...
  6. Introduction My Introduction

    Please enter following informations : EN *Firstname:Altug *Age:23 *Location:Turkey *Occupation:CEO of NixeGame Favorite games:Metin2 *Interests:Metin2, C++, Sports *A description of you:I'm help people, find metin2 features, share infos *Where did you find about OnForum.net ?: On Google Other...
  7. littleking2

    Introduction Introduction. LittleKing

    Hi My first name is Aleksandar I'm 19 From Macedonia I want to learn to be developer Metin2 Making own Metin2 server While searching for metin2 systems
  8. D00y

    Introduction Hi!

    Firstname: Lucas Age: 27 Location: CZE Occupation: Electrical Engineer Favorite games: Battlefield, Metin2, BDO, SnowRunner, RDR2 Interests: Software development A description of you: The Old Times Gamer (when the best thing you get in Metin2 was DGA!) Where did you find about OnForum.net ? -...
  9. Introduction Hey Com

    Firstname: Sebastian Age:25 Location:Germany Occupation: Storage Worker Favorite games: Metin2, The Last of us 1 & 2 Interests: programming, gaming A description of you: Nothing special haha Where did you find about OnForum.net ? Found it on Google Other specifications? Trying to learn :)
  10. DamageBM

    Introduction DamageBM

    Hello There 😊 😊 Firstname: Gabi😁 Age: 26 Location: Hungary🇭🇺🇭🇺 Occupation: Forklift driver🙃🙃 Favorite games: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege⚔️ Interests: All that death metal🤘🤘🤘 A description of you: I don't know ... I'm a gamer?!😁 Where did you find about OnForum.net ? Google Other...
  11. kaitokit1412

    Introduction Hello my brothers and sisters :*

    Firstname: My Name Is Kaito Age: Im 24 Years Old Location: Im From Germany Occupation: Im A Caregiver Favorite games: Metin2,Rust,CoD,Hearthstone,Pokemon,Yugioh,and a lot of other Games Interests: I Like Information Technology A description of you: Im Funny And To o Nice For This Worl;D Where...
  12. MorpheusTai

    Introduction Hello all

    Firstname: Danilo Age: 28 Location: Italy Occupation: Engineer Favorite games: Word of Warcraft and Metin2 Interests: Science, programation, video games A description of you: I am an avid gamer. I enjoy spending my time with friends. Where did you find about OnForum.net: A friend told me about...

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