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  1. I3r0L3e

    Introduction Another Friendly Introduction :)

    Firstname: Gabriel Age: 21 Location: Portugal Occupation: Networks and Operating Systems Technician Favorite games: Brawlhalla, NFS Heat, Metin2 Interests: Motorcycles, cars, drift, netflix and chill, outdoors time A description of you: Hello, My name is Gabriel my close friends call me...
  2. Blidy

    Introduction Hello

    First name: tim Age: 24 Location: GER Profession: freelancer Favorite games: Metin2, Samp, Minecraft Interests: Music, learning C++ coding A description of you: Interested in learning programming in the field of game programming Where did you have OnForum. not found? Google. Other...
  3. vadamkos

    Introduction Hello guys!

    Firstname: Ondrej Age: 22 Location: Czechia / Ostrava Occupation: Favorite games: metin2 / lost ark Interests: metin2 development, skateboard A description of you: Im a young prosper boy with interest in crypto Where did you find about OnForum.net ? On google
  4. Kenyeer

    Introduction My introduction [Kenyeer]

    Firstname: Dani Age: 18 Location: Hungary Occupation: Student Favorite games: Metin2 / LOL / Minecraft / OSU! Interests: Programming as hobby, everything about animes A description of you: well my nickname is Kenyer (Bread in english) and everybody calls me like that.. I am learning coding at...
  5. Introduction Introduction!

    *Firstname: Vinicius *Age: 20 *Location: Brazil *Occupation: Design senior Favorite games: League of Legends, Metin2 *Interests: Everything creative, design and web design *A description of you: Just a young man in search of knowledge! *Where did you find about OnForum.net ? google... I was...
  6. Introduction Hello you all, there!

    Firstname: Riccardo Age: 24 Location: Italy Occupation: Engineer student Favorite games: Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and Metin2 Interests: I love programming, play games, cinema and beer :P A description of you: I'm very lazy, I think Where did you find about OnForum.net ? Well, I fall here from...
  7. Introduction Hello world of metin2

    Firstname: kristian Age: 25 Location: Bulgaria Occupation: internet user Favorite games: boxing Interests: programming A description of you: Im here to find some dev material and help people with some ideas . Where did you find about OnForum.net ? i find this forum on google and its awesome forum.

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