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server files

  1. Cvetko

    Metin2 Looking for Starter Serverfiles (Client,BSD,Mysql,Source) Bugfree

    Good Morning Everyone, Iam Looking for Easy Files with some New Systems, Like Overwritten Fliege Files or something like that. + New Equipment + New Mounts + New Pets + New Costumes + New Quests + New Inventory + Ingame Wiki + Ingame Itemshop + Doungen Map + Teleport System Ive Started my...
  2. SneaX

    Serverfiles Gondor2 Serverfiles Full 9/06/2022

    Freebsd 13 Mariadb10.3 ClientSrc Vs19 c++17 ServerSrc gcc8 -=Stripped Content=-
  3. imkais05

    Introduction My Presentation

    Firstname: Paul Age: 23 Location: Česká republika Occupation: IT Favorite games: Metin2, Dota2 Interests: AI A description of you: 1.Where did you find about OnForum.net ? 2.Other specifications? 1.In Google 2.Hardware engineer
  4. Razor16

    Introduction hello

    Firstname: Stefan Age: 25 Location: Hungary, Budapest Occupation: IT-System Integration expert Favorite games: Metin2, CS:GO, LoL Interests: Football, E-sport A description of you: I would like to create and test a metin2 server on a hobby level. Where did you find about OnForum.net ? From...
  5. Jay

    Serverfiles Sanoria2 Files

    Client: https://mega.nz/#!OR1SlAjB!ZXkRkUGeRy3DG5tA0sSGIZi6FLMlOaI9bIi-fEKeB7g Game: https://mega.nz/#!GM8WlSTK!oWPtOserxKI6mZvOag8Kxz5-ND36ayAxIQeVBs70hew Mysql: https://mega.nz/#!2NFm0KhL!oPMz9h1U35w9RYwY05xvjAaEMpeSTyrqjJfs6OErdec...

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