1. B

    Serverfiles Metin2 Red ServerFiles (2019)

    FILES WERE SHARED WITHOUT SOURCES! YOU CAN OPEN AND USE THE SERVER AS SOUNDED AS YOU WISH. SOURCE REQUIREMENTS. (PAID) Mysql Information ID: root PW: RESET! Game Information ID: admin PW: 12345 *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum...
  2. DevGames

    Serverfiles [Old School] ServerFiles Metin2Apocalypse 34k

    PS: Daca a mai fost postat.... Va rog Delete! Nu Raspund de eventualele BUG-uri 1. In fiecare mapa exista un numar mare de metine cu respawn rapid de la care puteti obtine carti competenta , cufere florare , pretioase si pietrificare , iar la metinele de 90 puteti avea drop la Marmura...
  3. Vanilla

    Metin2 SF BEST v4 + VDI By Stein20

    v0.0.1: Changes Start script, stop, clean. delete some files that I would no longer use to simplify the files, start data, users and keys are to open the file rar asi nunk losderan link:!xxsH3AQL!eBtAbLZdgwvb2SLB3m-zeIWLg8LUHehD9wEMKz9FV3o Client: The client is already...
  4. Vanilla

    Metin2 Lykan BestProduction V5 2019

    'AGGREGATE SYSTEMS' ' 1- Lycan system added // solve problems 2- Added the charm system [There is a problem with the inventory and you fix it over time.] 3- New talisman tales were added [to zodiac slots texts, etc.] 4- Level limit set at 1-20 5- Gaya system added // solve problems 6. Added...
  5. Vanilla

    Metin2 Royal + Source [full version]

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  6. Sonia

    Serverfiles BestProduction V5 2019

    New Systems '' INTRODUCTION OF NEW ADDED SYSTEMS '' 1- Mobile scale system [You can expand the slot you want] 2- Ronark system 3- Zodiacal sighting system. 4- bot control system 5- Scrambled devil tower system 6- Account locking system. 6- Secure computer system / Entry of the client...
  7. Sonia

    MU Server Season 5.5 Full (PerfectZone Server Files) (Beta)

    Development environment: - Windows 8.1 - SQL Server 2008 Express - Visual studio 2012 (MSVC 2012) Requirements: - 2 GB of ram - Decent processor - Windows 7 or newer (Can be tested on uggly old XP) - Visual C++ (Here) - A brain? Server features: Full season 5.5 support; 512 items support...